As an insightful author, dynamic speaker, educational consultant and thought leader, Andrea Dixon-Seahorn, Ed. D. is designed to inspire you to tap into the gifts, talent and potential that lie within you as an individual, or the collective within an organization. Sometimes, all it takes is a word of empowerment or divine strategy to innovate new ideas and envision a better future for yourself or your team.

So, what inspires Andrea? She is inspired by equipping others to develop a strategic focus to accomplish personal and organizational goals. Through her company, By Divine Design Enterprises, LLC, Andrea authentically leads and positively influences her audiences to: Inspire– stimulate the creativity you already possess; Envision- see and articulate a bigger vision; Innovate– introduce new ideas that will foster personal and professional growth; and Empower- executive strategic planning and action.

Andrea loves to read, write, travel and speak into the lives of others propelling them toward their passion and purpose. Let Andrea inspire you or your organization to fulfill your greatest potential, something bigger than you ever thought possible!

Andrea Dixon-Seahorn, Ed. D. 

Designed to Inspire!